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A Valentine's Day Card for You

The Snobby Foodie
A Valentine's Day Card for You

Every year on Valentine’s Day, I think about the little things that make me feel love in my life. It’s never the fancy dinners or the romantic dates- it’s always the little things. So Happy Valentines- you are loved. 

PS here’s a cookie emoji I baked for you 🍪.

Here’s the Hallmark greetings that would be written in my Valentine’s cards:


  • When you text your friend that you’re feeling sad and she calls you in the next 2 seconds... and tells you you’re beautiful - even though that’s not even the root cause of the problem. 
  • When a friend is ready to joke about a terrible situation RIGHT after it happens
  • When a friend is okay with telling you an embarrassing story to cheer you up. Like REALLY embarrassing 
  • When you’re in a group getting fro yo and your friends want to try all the flavors, but they let you get the one you want - even though it is redundant  
  • When a friend cleans your dishes after you’ve cooked
  • When a friend worries about a problem for you. You feel terrible that they do this, but it is really sweet of them.
  • When a friend calls just to check in - with NO agenda - who does that any more?
  • When you stay at a friend’s place and she checks in on you 15 times to make sure you’re warm  
  • When a friend tells you that you need more sleep and stops texting you at night 
  • When a good friend has the gall to call you out on your BS
  • When a friend holds to a commitment that you’re SURE they’re going to flake on
  • When you get off the plan in Austin and your friend knows the first thing you want to do is get boba


  • When someone knows your Chipotle order by heart
  • When someone drives you to Indian food before the airport because they know that Dallas Indian food > Austin Indian food.
  • When your friend buys you a cupcake after a fight, and suddenly you forget what you're mad about.
  • When your friend gets your boba order slightly wrong, but you pretend it's correct because you're so touched by the thought.
  • When you have a friend that is always down to get a certain type of food: pad thai, Ming's fried rice, McDonald's French fries
  • When you get midnight calls for your birthday- even though you could barely stay up til midnight this year
  • When you receive a thoughtfully written letter and a book from an old friend.  Do you know how many packages I have been meaning to send out but never did? It is SO hard to mail things out. 
  • When your friends are okay with trying the weird things you do - even though it really stresses them out: spontaneous trips to Yosemite, heated power yoga, bubble tea
  • When your friend goes on jogs with you even though you're a painfully slow runner. Like awful. Thank you for caring about my health.
  • When your friend tolerates your bitchiness because she knows you're hangry. Then you get kebabs and you're fine after.
  • When your friend re-watches all of Star Wars with you because she feels like you need to be inducted into normal human society.
  • When your friend offers to share their boba with you when you dropped yours. 

And I leave you with a caring thought and a Hallmark message:

I would transport  Boba Guys boba over the Bay Bridge and through the Caldecott Tunnel via Bart for you. I would also endure the weird stares and snide comments, "Wow you're determined."

On that very romantic thought: Happy Valentine's Day.



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