Wellness Mama Cookbook Review

Wellness Mama Cookbook Review

Recently, I've been trying to get cooking inspiration from books written by fellow food bloggers. A few weeks ago, I did a review of the Love & Lemons cookbook. These cookbooks have encouraged me to be both creative and intentional in the kitchen. 

I bought the Wellness Mama cookbook because I've been secretly following her natural beauty content for a while. I'm kind of a DIY nerd and like the idea of non toxic beauty products. Anyways, I figured that her cookbooks would have the same emphasis on health and well being.  She also has a few kids, so she has designed the recipes understanding we don't have ALL the time in the world.

Disclaimer: I bought the book on my own & the review below is totally honest.


  • This book is PACKED with recipes. I don't feel like I'm being gypped (gipped? sp?). LOL I had to Urban Dictionary the spelling.
  • She offers variations of homemade broth and homemade non diary milk. I think these are some of her best recipes.
  • The recipes are health conscious and I LOVE that.
  • There's still a dessert section at the end. In fact, the book is organized by lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. It's really easy to sift through.


  • The quality of book is not as awesome as other cookbooks. For instance- the front cover is a paper cover. The actual book is baby blue. Not a HUGE deal, but I didn't realize that initially. I just feel like the cover is going to tear from extended use.
  • Not every recipe has a photo, which is a little bit of a bummer... and I understand why.

Would I recommend? I would definitely recommend for moms or people who don't have a lot of time, but want to cook at home. I wouldn't necessarily cook all the recipes in this book, but I have used a LOT of them.


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