Where to Stay in Iceland

When you're planning a road trip, it's stressful deciding where to stay. You have to consider getting from point A --> B, drive time, and whether it's actually a place you'd like to spend the night. And for a foreigner, the long names of Icelandic cities doesn't make it any easier to make a plan.

Here is a sample itinerary with drive times and tips for your Icelandic road trip.

Keep in mind that drive times will likely be longer than this because:

  • Iceland is picturesque, and you'll likely want to take pictures
  • You need to fill up on gas when you get the chance
  • Parts of the Ring Road aren't spots where you can go 90 km/hr
  • Sites off the beaten path (i.e. geysers and hot springs)

The Itinerary.
Day 1 Keflavik Airport --> Reykjavik 0:52
Day 2 Reykjavik --> Akuryeri 4:34
Day 3 Akuryeri --> Akuryeri 0:00
Day 4 Akuryeri --> Faskrudsfjordur 3:50
Day 5 Faskrudsfjordur --> Djupivogur 5:23
Day 6 Djupivogur --> Hella 5:31
Day 7 Hella --> Reykjavik 1:10
Day 8 Reykjavik --> Reykjavik 0:00

FYI. AirBnB is NOT paying me for this post (I wish they were), but you can use the above link to save a couple bucks on your first Airbnb booking. Anyways, all of these hosts were super friendly, accommodating, and worth calling out. 

The Photo Story.

View of Reykjavik from the Church

Day 1 Reykjavik
Where I stayed: B14 Hostel Reykjavik
The B14 hostel is your classic hostel. It's clean, has a kitchen, and is a place to crash. It is not close to the city center, but it is inexpensive.

It's nice to be a little bit away from the city for the first night so you can go on excursions, like the Blue Lagoon or the Split Mound Caves.

Day 2 & 3 Akuryeri
Akuryeri is a gorgeous small town in northern Iceland. It's known for whale watching and fishing. I recommend riding Icelandic horses here.

Farm House AirBnB
This farmhouse overlooks a body of water and is within walking distance of adorable downtown Akuryeri. Gunar (the host) is extremely friendly and is more than willing to give you suggestions on excursions and good eats.The set up of the apartment makes you feel like you're living in a fancy city flat. And there's a laundry machine!!

Akuryeri AirBnB

 Akuryeri - Under the Midnight Sun

Akuryeri - Under the Midnight Sun

Day 4 Faskrudsfjordur

If you choose to live in this town, you'll be surrounded by beautiful fiords. 

Helga is the sweetest AirBnB host. She'll offer you breakfast for 11 Euros in the morning. Do it. It's simple and healthy. Her place is decorated very intricately- you'll feel as if you're in a dollhouse. There's a lot of fishing in this area, so it smells like fish outside. Helga will reassure you that it smells like money. 

 Helga's House

Helga's House


Apartment Therapy - You Must See Helga's AirBnB

 View from Helga's

View from Helga's

Day 5 Djupivogur
This is a remote town off the sea in east Iceland. 

I can't reiterate enough: get the breakfast at this AirBnB. The hosts are a couple that make their own veggie sausage, which make their eggs taste amazing. They also have Swedish pancakes that you can top with fresh jam. Also, an adorable dog that fetches rocks and two cats live here. The dog is very friendly and will accompany you as you try to pet the goat.

Swedish Pancakes, Veggie Sausage Scramble, Homemade Jam!



The house is 2 stories. The second story is an attic converted into 2 bedrooms and a living room area, which makes if feel very cozy and hipstery.

Day 6 Hella

Hella is hella awesome. Sorry. I had to. But really, it's beautiful.

At this AirBnB, you'll be on a ranch with beautiful Icelandic horses. If you ask the host to see them, she will take you on a tour of the stables and let you pet and take pictures with them. The house is amazing. It has 2 stories and many areas to socialize/laze around. Most importantly, it has a laundry machine, so you can finally wash your clothes!

 Please Don't Eat me!

Please Don't Eat me!

Day 7 & 8 Reykjavik
Hlemmur Square is a hostel that is very close to downtown, so you can't expect the lush scenery of East Iceland. If you want an inexpensive hostel to crash at, Hlemmur Square is a bang for the buck.

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