Weekend Rides: Paradise Loop

Paradise Loop is a classic bike ride in the Bay Area. Being a new, but very determined biker, I was nervous about the elevation, traffic, and difficulty. Here's a Snobby Foodie's Guide to Paradise Loop - complete with 2nd brunch.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Lace Sheath Dress

Everyone needs a classy lace dress, but it's difficult to find a lace pattern that is sexy, but not trashy. The Lauren Ralph Lauren Sheath Dress totally works. In this photo, I wore it with Franco Sarto Cicero heels.

- Fits very well
- The sides are spandex-y, so you're not in heavy lace material all around. This also makes the dress super comfortable
- Good quality material

- Versatile: can go from day to night
- The material is heavy and not ideal for summer
-The lace can get stuck on things and is somewhat fragile

Re-wearability: 3
Comfort: 3
Durability: 3
Type of piece: Classic
How to wear: Work / night
Would I recommend? Yes.

Tahari ASL Shirt Dress

When I saw this dress, I fell in love with it. Then out of love. Then in love again. Something about it was so compelling, so I bought one. It's made out of linen so it's great for summer time.

Fits well
It's like a statement

Low re-wearability
Very busy
Belt doesn't work with it
Smells terrible if you sweat in it

Re-wearability: 2
Comfort: 3
Durability: 4
Type of piece: Statement
How to wear: Work, summer adventure, travel
Would I recommend? No.

Franco Sarto Cicero Heels

These are some of my favorite work heels. They're durable, simple, and comfortable.

- Comfortable
- Versatile and have a high rewearability factor
- Inexpensive

- Not super stylish

Ratings (1-5)
Versatility: 4
Re-wearability: 4
Comfort: 4
Durability: 4
Type of piece: Classic
How to wear: Everyday work heels.
Would I recommend? Yes.