Best Matte Lipstick Under $20

Best Matte Lipstick Under $20

Ok, I feel like this is a best kept secret. I mean all the beauty gurus know about this, but for us girls who don't dabble very much in make up, this will change your life. MAC has the best matte lipsticks. To me, matte lipsticks are very versatile. If you want a lighter look, you just apply less. If you want something more vivid, pack it on.


I'm obsessed with MAC's matte lipsticks.. I've trolled other make up counters for similar items at the same price point (~$17), but can't find anything that compares. I've even tried high end lipsticks like Tom Ford & Channel. For the price point, MAC is long lasting. Below are some of my favorite colors from MAC.

This pink is my favorite for a subtle look for work.
Fave dark red lip.
A lighter red.
Love this bright pink.

I'm not quite sure why these lipsticks cost so much on Amazon, but I'm pretty sure they're $16-17 in the store.  Anyways, I hope this was a helpful post. What matte lipsticks are your fave for the low & high price ranges? Let me know in the comments below. Here's a guide to how to keep your lips moisturized while you wear matte lipstick.

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