Best Nail Polish: Opi vs Essie

Best Nail Polish: Opi vs Essie

I'm a big advocate of painting your own nails. I feel like a bottle of nail nice polish costs less than a manicure. Also, I'm terrified of the cleanliness of equipment at nail salons.

I've tried quite a few inexpensive brands of nail polish: Revlon, Loreal, Sinful Colors, Sally Hansen... and the list goes on. At first, I didn't really care about quality. I figured that I could reapply the nail polish if it chipped. Then, it started getting annoying. I just want a nail polish that can last a week without me having to touch it up.


OPI and Essie are the big names in nail polish, and I was curious to see if they were worth the hype.  Data Rank has a good in depth analysis, but I wanted to do something a bit more practical.

Price Point: Similar
Polish Brush: OPI
Goes on smoothly: OPI
Color Variety: Essie
Longer Lasting: Essie; I found that OPI would require touch ups

Winner: For me, I really like Essie. Their colors are great & it seems to last longer and chip less (granted it's put on smoothly). Helpful tip: if you put your nail polish in the fridge 30 minutes before you apply it, it goes on smoother.

Below are some fun colors by Essie & OPI that I own. Check them out:



Let me know- what are your favorite nail polish brands & why? Comment below.

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