Best Accessories for Sony a6000 for the dabbler

Best Accessories for Sony a6000 for the dabbler

Why does everyone recommend big gear for little cameras? It's as uncomfortable as a petite woman riding a roller coaster built for normal-sized people. Trust me. I would know. Anyways, this is a list of my favorite accessories for small, mirrorless cameras (like the Sony a6000).

THE BAG ($25)

You're not carrying around some mega beast of a camera where you need a pack with a million compartments. I recommend getting a small sling bag that fits your camera and your wallet. 

If you want to be stylish, I like this bag because it functions as a purse and it doesn't look blatantly like a camera bag. Also, it's kind of hipster-y and cute.

If you want a cheap camera bag, the Case Logic bag is a affordable option. 

If you want a badass bag (a bag with a million pockets), I really like Peak Design's camera backpack. You can fit in a lot of equipment and it has easily accessible compartment. Also, it looks SUPER cute. It's not super cheap tho...


If you a baller...

This Manfrotto tripod is super-dope. It's sturdy, can do overhead shots, and allows smooth movement for video. I use it for my horchatta video... I'll let you go digging for that vid for it is quite old.

A selfie stick/ tripod... I really like this MIBOTE selfie stick. It supports the a6000 well and it is well built. Also, you can use it for your phone. It comes with a tripod attachment, so you can turn your selfie stick into a tripod. It's not SUPER sturdy though, so be careful. I also like the cute hipster packaging it comes in (lulz).


This is for if you want super creamy waterfall shots. I contemplated getting high-end ND filters, but I'm just playing around and (for me) it's really not worth it. These filters are cheap & you can have fun at an affordable price. 

WATERPROOF CASING ($246, but I bought it for half price on Amazon)

Bro- this waterproof casing is LIT! I was able to take my camera snorkeling and keep it completely dry. Also, it has a feature where the case will beep at you if you get water in it. I didn't want to buy a Go Pro for snorkeling & this ended up costing less than buying a new camera. 


  THE STRAP ($35)

Okay, this camera is super light, so it's not like the strap is going to dig into your shoulder. Regardless, I really like the maneuverability of the Black Rapid Breathe Street camera strap. The strap hooks in where a tripod would usually go. This is scary, but don't worry- it stays in place & I haven't dropped by camera yet... 

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