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Best Natural Nail Polish

The Snobby Foodie

Natural nail polish is generally crap. It comes off easily and the color isn't concentrated... or it takes forever to dry.  

After quite a bit of trial and error, I found my favorite natural nail polish and nail polish remover. This is a quick overview of my picks. 

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish

I like this polish because it goes on smoothly, is available at most stores, AND doesn't chip as quickly. Also, Mineral Fusion has quite a large selection of colors. 

Gabriel Color Nail Polish Remover

I like this one because it doesn't smell like the traditional acetone nail polish remover. Also, it doesn't leave my nails super dry. Also, it is actually effective at taking off nail polish. 

If you're not a huge natural nail polish fan, I did a review of Opi versus Essie here.  

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