Group Gear Packing List for Camping

Group Gear Packing List for Camping


Girl. The REI sale is going on and I’m so freakin excited. 

I used to heavily rely on people for camping gear. Heavily. Well- now it’s time to grow up and buy my own stuff. Also, this gives me the independence to camp with whoever I want to. Here’s a list of all the gear you need for a leisurely camping trip.

The Tent ($259)

Get a tent that is just big enough for how many people you want to go camping with. Air is an insulator and you’ll get cold if you buy too big of a tent and try to camp at elevation. Also, a large tent has the tendency to blow around like a flag. i really like the Marmot Tungsten because it’s durable, practical, and lightweight. It is easy to set up, has convenient internal pockets, and has the Marmot warranty.

Coleman Classic Propane Stove ($50)

This stove is the cheaper version of the one you find at REI and works just about as well. Also, you can use it for eating yums at a local park. Dual purpose. 

Coleman Xtreme Cooler  ($50)

This cooler keeps your food cold for a REALLY long time. It’s pretty small, so good for a weekend trip for 2-3 people.  


These are things that don’t need an explanation. 

Citronella candle- trust me- this keeps moths and bugs at bay

Black Diamond Headlamp- so freakin dope, great lighting. Invest in a headlamp because it makes SUCH a difference. If you’re thinking of getting a cheap-o one, you might as well use your cellphone. 

Lantern (2) - this makes everything LIT. But really - these light up the night and make eating in the dark more pleasurable  

Coleman Lantern- if you a real baller- get this one. Added bonus: it keeps you warm! Don't forget the mantles

Dish Soap

Propane- seriously don’t forget this

Camping Pots or really old pots that you don’t care about- I really like this set because it packs down well and is functional.

Camping Chairs - This is a much better way to lounge by the fire. The REI chairs are so comfortable and affordable.


Garbage Bags


Ice (ice, baby) 


These things make the camping experience more fun  

External battery- to charge all your devices. I like the Anker one because it gives you a lotttt or power. 


Spice Container- yum seriously. I’m not called The Snobby Foodie for nothing 

For individual gear, check out this article.   

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