Should I buy the Nintendo Switch?

Should I buy the Nintendo Switch?

I’m a nerd at heart, but I didn’t fully embrace this until this year. I used to play video games as a child & then I got caught up in the stigma that girls aren’t supposed to play video games. Well- as much as I have tried to avoid it, I‘m a frickin’ nerd and I’m going to embrace it...  though the Nintendo Switch

Video games are a great way to take on the life of an adventurer, a farmer, a racer. It’s not exactly meditation, but does take your mind off every day life and allows you to disconnect.  

Here’s how my decision went down.. through a series of interactions. (If you want the quick and dirty pro/ con list, scroll down): 

Me: Idk - if the Switch is worth it. I mean the main reason I’m getting it is Zelda. Zelda + the Switch divides by 40 hours of play time-

Me: I dunno if I should get the Switch, it’s going to take up a lot of my time and it’s expensive.

Friend: It’s cheaper than going out every weekend. And arguably more fun. 

Talking over noises at the bar is so annoying- not like I go out any way.  I’m sold.

Friend: Zelda is going to take WAY more than 40 hours... probably 60... or if you’re a side quester it could take forever...

I am most definitely a side quester. 

Me: Okay I’m sold.


  • Portable- amazing for airplane rides
  • You can HDMI to any monitor / TV
  • Multiplayer functionality
  • I would argue that it’s better for you than TV... at least you’re kinda doing something
  • You can pay off the device (cost per hour) through just one game (Legend of Zelda


  • Has frame rate issues sometimes 
  • Limited amount of games currently on the market
  • Extra controllers are freakin expensive  
  • People may judge you a little bit- but they’re probably jealous that you’re reliving your childhood nostalgia  

What controllers should I get? 

Joy Con + Comfort Grip

I’ve tried both the pro controller and the Joy Con + comfort grip. I would get the Joycon combo because it is less expensive, fits more comfortably in my hand, and allows for flexibility in the number of players. 

What games should I start with? 

Lengend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Let me ask you one question: what was the best Legend of Zelda game of all time? The answer is Orcarina of Time- bar none. Breath of the Wild takes you into a similar open world... the life of a wanderer. Oh the NPCs you will talk to (they’ll mostly stress you out about Ganon)- the chickens you will attack- the horses you will grow close to. Plural- horses!! This game is super immersive and the side quests are endless. 

It is nostalgia x1000.   

Mario Odyssey

When Zelda gets too stressful, Mario Odyssey is a nice break. You don’t feel as tied to the characters or story line, which is sometimes a good thing. Bowser is not as scary as Ganon or the Yiga Clan. 

Games I’m not that into: 

Mario Kart- it’s kinda boring and definitely not work $60. Racing games are not my style. I’m an epic quest kind of girl. 

I’m interested in trying Skyrim, but it’s not my usual cutesy style of game, but it’s open world (which I love). Lemme know what game I should play next.  

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