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Review: Yarok Leave in Conditioner

The Snobby Foodie
Review: Yarok Leave in Conditioner

I've never used a natural ingredient leave-in conditioner before. Previously I've used Organix's Argan oil spray that left your hair super silky and smooth- like unnaturally so. Anyways, I decided to look for a more natural alternative. 

The Yarok Feed Your Ends conditioner came highly recommended and the ingredients are quite natural. However, at a price of $15 for 2 ounces, I was skeptical.

When you spritz it on your hair, it doesn't feel like a leave in conditioner, but rather a hair spray. It's super light and smells gingery. It's made of mostly oils- the first oil on the ingredient list being jojoba oil. Regardless, it does the trick of moisturizing hair. Here are the pros and cons:


  • natural high quality ingredients
  • very light
  • works as a heat protectant  
  • smells nice


  • doesn't work to moisturize hair as well as a regular oil (jojoba oil / avocado oil)
  • quite expensive 

Would I buy it again? Maybe, but I think I would try a few other natural leave in conditioners before I came back to this one. I love that it's so light and doesn't ruin my hairstyles from my hair being overly oily. 

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