accessories list for the beginner road cyclist

accessories list for the beginner road cyclist

So you bought your speedy racer road bike. Before you stroll around town in your race horse, there are a few things you should consider buying for more safe and comfortable riding. When I bought these things, I felt so much better and prepared.  People will tell you that you need gloves and jerseys and other random stuff, but here is a shopping list for the first things you need when you start road cycling.


For helmets, it's really important that you buy something that fits. It's your head. You want to keep your noggin' protected. I have a Giro Revel, which has a visor for some sun protection, but it's really what's comfortable. Remember- helmets expire. ALSO, if you have a crack in your helmet, you have to buy another one. That childhood helmet may not fly.

No helmet. Uh oh!

No helmet. Uh oh!


This is so important. If your tires are not filled, you're more likely to get flats. Also, nothings better than riding on a bike with recently inflated tires. It's luxury. I love the Lenzene floor pump. It's amazing- I've had much fewer flat tires because of it.

Bike Lights (front + back)

Bike lights are SO important. They're what keep you safe. It's really important to check the lumens of your lights. That will indicate the light intensity. They're expensive, but it's not even worth getting a shitty light no one can see.

Water bottle cage

Trust me. You'll need this to hydrate. It doesn't really matter what brand. Since you're a beginner road bicyclist, you're not concerned about weight yet. 

Water bottle

Gotta hydrate. I like this one. It's kind of expensive, but when you squeeze it, water squirts out. Also, I really love Camelbak. 

Bike repair kit

Don't be the loser without a bike repair kit. Your tires are skinny. They're more prone to break than the beastly tires on your children's bike. Something like this is perfect.

CO2 Cartridges or mini-pump

Gotta fill up your flat tire. CO2 cartridges are better when you're trying to be lightweight - otherwise I'd do the mini-pump. The mini-pump is more of an investment.

Saddle Bag

This is where you keep your bike repair kit so it's always on you. I recommend shoving $20 in this thing in case you just want to Uber home. 

Bike Shorts

These make riding for long periods SO MUCH more comfortable. I absolutely love Pearl Izumi's capri tights.


When you want to carry a few things along for the ride, it's good to have a comfortable pack with good back ventilation. I absolutely love the Camelbak MULE NV. I usually take out the bladder and take it for commuter rides. It even fits a small laptop! I really like Camelbak's quality and warranty. 

These things made road riding much more enjoyable and considerably safer. Let me know if there something that you've gotten recently that's a life changer. Comment below!

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