The Snobby Foodie

SF Eats: Herlen Place

The Snobby Foodie
SF Eats: Herlen Place

Sometimes you just want a chill glass of wine and a bite without the snobbery. Herlen Place is a neighborhood wine bar that’s great for a glass of wine and a bite. 

the Vibe: Local wine bar with small bites. The ambiance is chic, but intimate.

the Food:  Tapas with inspiration from around the world. The menu is primarily veggie focused.

the Wine: Herlen Place serves wine that is organic, biodynamic, and sustainable.


what to eat:

  • The Impossible Burger: A slider with a patty that actually tastes like meat. 
  • Veggie Tempura: tempura that is crispy without being overly oily.  
  • Lavash Pizza: light, crispy lavash topped with fresh veggies. 

Would I go back?  If I worked in the area, I would stop by on my way home for a glass of wine. 

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