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No more bad coffees in LA: Best Coffee Shops in West LA

Every time I’m in LA, I gotta get my coffee fix before 6 hours of class. There are SO many little coffee shops in LA it’s kind of hard to pick favorites. I like the coffee shops below because they have something unique about them. They’re not just the run-of-the-mill Scandanavian decor, well-dressed-barista kind of shops. Here are West LA’s best coffee shops.

Practical Holiday Gifts You Will Actually Use

I’m seeing all these “Kitchen Holday Gift” guides and I’m not enthralled by what’s on these lists. They’re very generic, the items are expensive, and they’re pretty useless. Like if someone bought me a soda stream, I’d be like, “Thanks, I’ll probably only use this once and it will lose its novelty.” Here’s a list of items that I use almost every week and are worth every cent. 

Bay Area's Best Indian Food

Growing tired of sub-par Indian restaurants, The Snobby Foodie searched long and hard to find the Bay Area's Best Biryani. Her search took her to places so sketchy that she was sometimes afraid to leave her car. One time, she was served an overpriced plate of biryani, and she had to send it back because it was mushy and gross.

Best Boba Pearls

After a lot of bad boba, peppering boba scientists with questions, and trial and error, here is a review of top boba brands.

What makes good boba pearls:
Chewiness: Chewy, but not mushy
Ability to soak in flavors: the boba is like tofu in the way it soaks in flavors like brown sugar, honey, simple syrup, etc.
Consistency: Sometimes store bought packages of boba lack consistency.

The Best Gluten Free Flour for Waffles, Pancakes, and Crepes

I feel for my Celiac disease friends. It sucks not to be able to chew on the gooey texture of a gluten-y pastry (like the popover below).

So I did some research: I ate a lot of bad (some good) homemade, waffles, pancakes, and crepes (you're welcome), and experimented with some popular flours that are gluten-free. Here is a review of popular gluten-free flours when used for breakfast foods (waffles, pancakes, and crepes- oh  my!). I tried to find some that had a similar gooey texture so you gluten-free people won't feel left out.