Hi there. I'm Radhika - a Texan transplant living in the area & I nerd out about food. I believe healthy food does not need to be unappetizing and good food doesn't need to be overpriced.  I like knowing that there are quality ingredients in my food - that's where the "snobbiness" comes in.

Although food is a satisfying part of my existence, I like other things too...

  • Biking (preferably to a delicious brunch venue)
  • Photography (I promise I take pictures of things other than food)
  • 90s Rap or 90s style rap (frequently getting me strange looks on the road)
  • Making a discovery after analyzing data - almost as satisfying as an excellent plate of biryani (PS I'm an IT Analyst during the day)
  • Researching natural disasters or unusual animals
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Board Game Nights (The rush I get when I win Liar's Dice is euphoric.)

I created The Snobby Foodie as creative outlet to obsess over the best places, foods, and products. I also needed a place to keep my Infamous Austin Happy Hours list. In a world of Yelp and FourSquare, you need at true friend to tell you what's good.

the blog.

We've become an obsessed  people that always want the best. What is the best camera? The best hiking shoes. The best protein powder. The best can opener (there's a lot of BS can openers out there). Somehow, we think that having the best things will bring us happiness. They probably won't.

But food is love and happiness and it has depth. The burst of dopamine you get from eating a good meal is euphoric (I hope that's not just me). Talking to an old friend over a large pile of French fries is nostalgic.

So... I'm here to indulge you. Here (on this blog) I eat the eat the bad food so you don't have to, and I tell you about it so you can enjoy the best.

If you're still confused why Google routed you here, refer to these links:

the goal.

If I can __ then I've done my job.

  1. Lead you to a yummy venue
  2. Make you laugh
  3. Encourage you to pursue a healthier lifestyle (ambitious)

work with me.

I've partnered with quite a few brands and publications to create beautiful, curated content.

  • Photography
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Strategy


I am expert in distilling data into information. I will help solidify your social media strategy to drive success in your business.

  • Web & Social Media
  • Performance & Sales

CONTACT: rad(at)
Looking forward to working with you!