Best Board Games for a Game Night

Best Board Games for a Game Night

The winter time and rainy days remind me of over indulging, contemplating going to the gym, and getting overly aggressive during board games.

When I talk about board games, I'm not referring to basic B Cards Against Humanity… or Monopoly. No, no I'm talking about more obscure board games that make you so passionate that you're red in the face.

Board games are as stimulating as a good fiction book. They take you to a different land and get you invested in the players. Also, if you have a bunch of friends that don't know each other and you want to avoid social awkwardness, this is a great way to bring people together.

I like games where there's a secret to keep or a deceit to be done. The adrenaline that I get from these kinds of games is rather stressful, but the enjoyment I get when I win is everything. I sound rather crazy, but trust me: these board games are everything.

Post ski meal. Before the board game madness begins.

Post ski meal. Before the board game madness begins.

If you like a good scapegoat…

The Resistance

Imagine Mafia on but more lit. Everyone is in the government, except for a select few, who are secretly in The Resistance (these individuals recognize each other at the beginning of the game). Every round, a different leader selects individuals to go on a mission (the number of players elected for a mission can differ). Everyone secretly votes if they agree with the leaders choices. If the mission is accepted, the players on the mission secretly vote if they want the mission to pass or fail. The Resistance wants the mission to fail, while the government wants it to pass. If you're The Resistance, you want to be careful on your choices to avoid raising suspicion. You have 5 missions. If a majority of the missions fail, the government loses.

Makes me want to say: I'm not the spy! Gniewko- he- FRAMED me.

If you like lying and deceit…

Sherriff of Nottingham

You're a tradesman who is trying to smuggle goods into Nottingham. Sometimes you lie, sometimes you tell the truth. But of course: you tell the sheriff that you're smuggling legal goods, but secretly you're smuggling in contraband. If the sheriff thinks you're BS-ing on what you're brining in he or she can call you out & you can end up paying big money. The sheriff rotates every round, and may take revenge on you if you screwed them over. Whoever smuggles the highest point value goods into town at the end of the game, wins.

Makes me want to say: No officer, these are definitely 4 apples. I'll pay you 5 coins to check Minali's bag.

If you are a professional BSer…


You are all in one location - everyone except one person, who is the spy. This is a question game where you ask your fellow players questions, trying to determine who the spy is.  Your questions must be specific enough so your peers don't think you're the spy , but not specific enough to give away the location to the spy. Any player can take a vote for the spy any time - and the spy can reveal if he or she thinks they know the location. You have 6 minutes.

Makes me think: Someone asked if we were in costume. Maybe it's an office party? But earlier someone said it was very cold here. Are we at the North Pole? Oh no- someone's asking me a question. I think they’re on to me.

If you like feeling a part of a team…


2 teams & a 5 x 5 set up of cards with random words on it. Each team has a captain that has an answer key indicating which cards are theirs.  The team leaders take turns attempting to describe multiple cards using only one word. The team must guess the correct cards avoiding the opponent team's cards and avoiding the assassin card that ends the game. First to team to pick their cards, wins.

Makes me wonder: Why would you guess that card? That makes no sense. I don't understand how you can think a "phoenix" is an animal. It's a mythical bird!!

If you don't mind getting into fights with friends…

Just writing this makes me excited about the winter. The board games. The winning. Ok, I'll calm down. Seriously. Try out these board games. No more Taboo. You're better than that.

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