Explaining South Indian Food

Explaining South Indian Food

Sometimes I have mad cravings for South Indian food. Unfortunately, not a lot of my friends know what it is and are reluctant to join me. When I try to explain it - it just sounds not very appetizing. Seriously- try playing Catchphrase with the name of South Indian dishes. It's so hard. But it's SO good.

I guess I kind of get it. You can't pronounce anything. No one can seem to explain what anything is.The photos on the menu are so blurry that you have no idea what you're ordering. 

Don't be a butter-chicken-loving Basic. Be a hipster. Try South Indian food

Doda & Sambar

Helpful Tip: If someone tries to charge you $20 dosa, walk away.

This is an attempt at describing South Indian food in effort to motivate you to try it.

It's like a slightly sour crepe. It's like Ethiopian bread had a baby with a crepe.

It's like the South Asian version of Tom Yum. Eat with jasmine rice.

It's like a savory pancake that is stuffed with potatoes and stuff. Think of the Indian version of a green onion pancake. 

A large puffy bread. It's like naan on crack.

It's a big plate of many little dishes like curries and daals. It's like tapas, but each dish doesn't cost you $10. This in itself is what makes me dislike tapas.

It's the stuff you dip your dosa in (duh). Someone please help me on this one.

Samosa/Papdi Chaat
It looks like a big f'in mess. Girl, just order it. This dictionary is going downhill.

It's a slightly sour rice patty that you dip in your Sambar. Then you eat 20 of them.

Wtf is wrong with you- you don't know what a samosa is?

What about you? What's your favorite South Indian food & how would you describe it to someone who's never had it?

It's really hard right? There's such a barrier to entry to such delicious food. Maybe South Indian food is more pretentious and more snobby than being at a French restaurant because of the pronunciation factor. You don't want to seem dumb right?

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