BestRadBay Area, Berkeley, California

Bay Area Boba: Purple Kow

BestRadBay Area, Berkeley, California
Bay Area Boba: Purple Kow

Boba: 4.5
Tea: 3.5
Ambiance: 3
Would I come back? Yes.

San Francisco's Purple Kow has been recommended to me time and time again. Purple Kow's gimmick is having weird souplike boba cups and outrageous portion sizes.

I was skeptical because I prefer quality over excessive quantity when it comes to boba. I was pleasantly surprised.

The Good

  • Tasty boba
  • The portion size doesn't sacrifice the quality. I appreciate the attempt at giving me more for my money, especially considering the mark up on these drinks.
  • Lots of options

The Bad

  • Photography isn't allowed. The thing is- there's nothing proprietary in sight. You can't see the people making the boba, the decor is definitely IKEA. The whole thing is very low budget. But whatever. I can live with that.
  • I don't understand why this place only has one menu. The line is out the door and they only have one laminated menu. No menu posted on the wall.
  • I asked for half sweet. My drink came out way too sweet. I went up to the counter explaining this and I was told that they already made the drink... Obviously I'm the one drinking it. Anyways, after a bit of strong holding, they changed out my drink.
  • The cup thing is cute... I guess, but I really don't like drinks that can't fit in my cupholder. 
  • "Hot" costs extra. No joke. I don't get it. Isn't the tea already hot when you make it? Isn't that reducing the effort required for the drink. I guess I wouldn't know because of the whole no photography secrecy and the large walls that prevent your from seeing your boba being made.

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